Sort Out All Immersion-breaking Problems with Console Repair Services in London

Entrust your console to professional repairmen with over 10 years of experience

  • A warranty of 3 months for all repairs done by our partner
  • Console repairs done in an ESD-safe* work environment
  • Sourcing replacement parts directly from the manufacturers
  • Performing soak/stress tests on each repaired console
*An ESD-safe workplace doesn’t generate static electricity that could damage your console.
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Enjoy a reliable Xbox or Playstation repair service in 4 steps

1. Book and schedule a Xbox 1 or Playstation 4 repair service online.

2. A crew of experienced technicians will examine your console for faults.

3. They will tell you what needs to be fixed, as well as give you a time and price estimate.

4. Confirm your quote to have your console quickly repaired and arrange a pick-up date.

Games console repair prices

Game Console RepairPS 4Xbox 1
Repair evaluation£11£11
All Faults single price service£88£88
HDMI Port Repair / Replacement£88£88
HDMI transmitter replacement£77
Hard drive error repair / Upgrade£88£88
Liquid damage repair£88£88
Jammed Disc Repair£55
Green Screen Of Death Repair£66

If you are aware of the exact nature of your problem, feel free to skip the evaluation stage and schedule the service you need. If, however, you have no clue why your console has suddenly stopped working, we recommend booking a repair evaluation session. The Xbox 1 and PS4 repair crew will be able to quickly identify the issue and propose a suitable long-term solution.

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Why should you send your console to a specialised repair centre?

Trained and highly experienced technicians

Most of the mentioned issues can result in annoying in-game frame drops, software crashes, or in your device freezing up and becoming completely unresponsive. With over 10 years of fixing both new and older generation consoles, the professionals will diagnose each and every problem your console has and will fix the issues in a way that will significantly prolong its lifespan.

Quick and efficient PS and Xbox repairs

The Xbox 1 and PS4 repair specialists in London can put an end to virtually any hardware or software malfunctions. To do so, they will strictly follow the official repair manuals and will use modern software or soldering equipment to fix your console unit within 1 to 3 business days.

Working only with original components

For these professionals, replacing a damaged console component is child’s play since they are well stocked on all types of spare components, from fans and usb ports all the way to HDDs, graphics cards, and processors. All parts are purchased directly by reliable suppliers to ensure that your console will run the latest games at the highest graphical presets possible.

Attention to detail every step of the way

In addition to the repairs themselves, your console will also be thoroughly cleaned from dust, your processing unit (CPU) will receive a new thermal paste to keep it well cooled, and fans will be lubricated to ensure that you can jump right back into the action without any further hiccups.

Common issues the console repair experts near you can resolve

Just like anything else in this world, electronics too are not immune to the effects of time. Sooner or later, your console’s performance will drop significantly, whether it’s due to heavy dust build up or heating issues caused by running demanding games for prolonged periods of time. Some of the more common malfunctions that the experts have fixed over the years include:

  • Overheating hardware;
  • Hard disk problems;
  • Faulty power supply;
  • Limited or no connectivity;
  • Unreliable disc loading and reading functionality;
  • Damaged HDMI and USB ports;
  • Light indicator errors;
  • Error popups and other software issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are your repairs warranted? Also, what is your coverage?

    A: Both PS4 and Xbox one repairs are covered by a 3-month guarantee. As for coverage, all our partner services are available to anyone within the M25 area in London.

  • Q: Can you source a proof of payment after the service?

    A: Yes, an invoice and a proof of your guarantee will be sent to your address.

  • Q: What happens if my console sustains damage during shipping?

    A: Please note that will not be held responsible for any shipping-related damages, so make sure to either use sufficient amounts of bubble wrap or to purchase additional postage insurance.

  • Q: Do I need to provide my Xbox 1/PS4 login credentials?

    A: Yes, this is absolutely necessary since it will allow the specialists to properly troubleshoot every single function or service that your device has on offer.

  • Q: I tried fixing the console myself, but I can’t put it back together. Can you still help?

    A: Of course! Just make sure to send your console well packaged and the crew will make sure to finish what you started by fixing the issue, reassembling the device, and testing it for faults.

  • Q: What happens if you are unable to fix my gaming console?

    A: Although this is unlikely to happen, our partner will be happy to offer you a full refund for every repair service you received apart from the standard evaluation charge and delivery fees.

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