WiFi Coverage & Data Services in London

Got a new device and need a wireless coverage setup? Our partners can assist!

  • Trusted, certified and fully insured IT experts
  • On-site data recovery & backup assistance
  • Ensuring that your data privacy remains intact
  • Next-day WiFi network coverage setup
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Get that extra peace of mind of being digitally secure

1. Contact us at your convenience

Schedule a data transfer or wireless network setup assistance appointment by filling the online booking form.

2. Let an IT pro help you keep your data safe

In most cases, subject to availability, a specialist will be sent to your home or office on the following day. He will expertly perform the task, whether you want a secure file transfer, you wish to retrieve data or feel the need of encrypting your WiFi connection.

3. Feel protected online

Now, what’s left is for you to feel reassured that your important information is safe and uncompromised, as well as that you can confidently use your device online.

Data & WiFi Services Prices

Data & WiFi ServicesMonday – Sunday
Appointments8 am - 8 pm
Wi-Fi router setup or configuration£79.00
Data backup or transfer£79.00
Data recoveryFrom £129.00

*If you wish to cancel your appointment, please contact us at least 24 hours before the start of the service. If the cancellation or reschedule is within 24 hours of the appointment then a £10 fee will apply.

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Here’s why Londoners choose our partners’ data recovery services

Data privacy guaranteed

The specialists will recover and back up all files with the utmost respect for your data privacy. They are certified IT service providers who will apply all required technical measures to safeguard any confidential information.

IT specialists you can trust

We work with trusted partners who are extensively experienced and fully certified to provide the service on our behalf. Their vetted tech expertise ensures that you receive will guaranteed results of the highest standard.

Expedient home services

You can access expert on-site data or WiFi network coverage assistance 7 days a week through us, where in most cases, the job will be completed on the following day. The technician will come to you, whether you require help at home or at your workplace in London.

Free quotes with no obligation to commit

You will be provided with an upfront price estimate, so you can accept or decline the service offer. Note that additional parts, components and devices (ex: wireless modem router) that might be required for executing the service are not included in the price.

Data solutions that you can benefit from

Our trusted partners’ data and wireless configuration services include the following:

  • Secure data transfer

    The IT expert will transfer your data from your laptop, PC or mobile phone to an external storage or move your files across devices securely and with your device’s data privacy in mind.
  • Data recovery

    You can count on the full recovery of your files, whether you have inadvertently deleted them, you’ve lost them to an OS crash or to a faulty/damaged storage device.
  • Reliable data backup

    You may need to back up your data prior an OS reinstallation or as an additional precautionary measure. The specialist will create an extra copy of your files and set up a system to keep them safe.
  • Wireless network coverage

    Being safe online is vital, hence, you can take advantage of a secure and encrypted WiFi configuration of your existing network or have a new connection setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can you recover my family photos from a damaged laptop?

    A: Yes. The specialists, we work with, are fully experienced in restoring information from devices, which have suffered accidental damage.

  • Q: Can you retrieve files from any type of computer?

    A: Absolutely. Our trusted partners will recover your digitally stored information from any type of PC or laptop, with regards to its model and brand, and then, he will create a secure backup of the files.

  • Q: What areas of London do you cover?

    A: Our partners endeavour to assist customers, located throughout the city. We can also guarantee that our IT partners can respond to a service request on the next day.

  • Q: What are the risks of using an unsecured WiFi connection?

    A: If your wireless coverage configuration has been set up without the appropriate security measures, there is a risk of someone breaching the privacy of your data (ex: login credentials).

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