Fantastic Services update on COVID-19

We are closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) spread and we want to assure you we are following all guidelines for sanitisation, cleanliness, and precaution, provided by the authorities. Every day, we continue to deliver services to our customers, proving what being “Fantastic” truly is.

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*Based on the coronavirus prevention guidelines provided by WHO, NHS and CDC.

We continue to operate

We hope that, in these tough times, you and your family are doing well. In light of recent events, we’ve decided to outline what measures we’ve implemented in order to continue operating and safely providing our customers with cleaning and home maintenance services.

In their latest publication, The British Government has stated that a “tradesperson carrying out essential repairs and maintenance in people’s homes, or carrying out other work in a home such as cleaning” is allowed to work, providing that they have no symptoms.

Thus, we continue to operate as usual by following extra measures to safely provide our services. Below we’ve highlighted key points covering how do we do that. We’ve also explained what measures we’re adopting to keep all partners, employees, pros’ and customers safe, as well as the actions we’re taking to help the UK population and the key workers fight the pandemic.

We protect our customers

Our customers' well-being has always been of utmost priority for us. To help them go through this as safely as possible, we are following government and specialists' advice to put protection first when delivering all kinds of services.

  • We feel responsible: We're checking on our technicians daily to make sure they don't have flu-like symptoms and haven't been to high-risk areas. If any of this happens, we send a substitute professional to perform the service.
  • We set restrictions: All Fantastic Services professionals who will remain active haven't travelled outside of the UK within the past two months.
  • We suspended cash payments: We don't want to exchange cash as it increases the risk of contamination. Only online payments are available.
  • We perform daily body temperature checks: Every morning, before starting their workday, all pros who deliver services to you are required to check their body temperature.
  • We don’t do handshakes anymore: We’ve instructed all professionals to keep a minimum distance of one meter with all people they come in contact with and refuse handshakes, in an effort to protect our customers. If you want to greet us, smile, and we'll smile back!
  • We're ensuring proper ventilation in the properties: All professionals are keeping the windows open during the service, if possible.
  • We offer Antiviral Sanitisation Services: In addition to all our cleaning services, in the last week delivered more than 100 hours of Antiviral Sanitisation Service.
  • We help the key workers: Understanding the impact that stress is having on their lives, we've decided to help a wide range of key workers such as medical staff, police officers, and firefighters. So far, we’ve supported more than 400 of them. Our dedicated technicians performed 1500+ jobs on preferential rates and delivered over 360 hours of free cleaning. In addition, we gave free Fantastic Club membership to more than 400 key workers.

We keep our staff safe

Apart from following all official guidance, we regularly update our franchisees and all professionals on health and safety measures.

Every Fantastic Services representative:

  • Carries and frequently uses alcohol-based hand rub;
  • Regularly sanitises their mobile devices, keys and all other frequently-used items;
  • Wears protective gear (gloves, masks and additional equipment, if necessary);
  • Washes and disinfects working shoes and clothes daily;
  • Uses overshoes inside all properties;
  • Seals and securely disposes of all used cleaning materials;
  • Disinfects all tools and equipment that they've used for the job.

What more?

  • We’re asking every customer to confirm that there haven’t been any positive cases of COVID-19 in the property and the property is not under official quarantine;
  • We have cancelled or postponed all employee and franchise events;
  • All 500+ support staff and customer service employees are working from home;
  • We strictly follow the instructions provided by the NHS and the British Government.

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