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Mattress Cleaning In London From Trained Experts

Is your mattress a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites? Hire our mattress cleaning service in London and let the highly trained specialists eliminate the entire range of stains and germs. Experts recommend you clean your mattress every six months, so with our help you’ll get the peace of mind that not only your bedding, but also the health of your family is protected. Get in touch with us today to eradicate all forms of dirt from your home.

Mattress Sanitising And The Methods We Use

Whether you’re a landlord, letting agency, hotel or other residential owner, our London mattress sanitising service will cater for your every need. The average bed contains over six million different types of parasites and dead human cells. These are usually harmless, but for some people they can cause dust allergies, asthma, a runny nose, headaches, eczema, or itchy, red eyes. To combat these we use both hot water extraction and dry mattress cleaning techniques to remove microscopic organisms feeding on dead human skin cells. There’s no need for us to even remove the mattress from the bed, and the application time is only 14-16 minutes!

What You Need To Know About Our Cleaning Services

To protect your mattress and ensure a longer lifespan, regular professional treatment is recommended. Because your mattress is used on a daily basis – on average of six or seven hours per day – it quickly accumulates dust, dirt and sometimes even bed bugs.

  • After our treatment, a 72+ hour residual effect continues, destroying allergens
  • Our methods are safe for all types of mattresses and pillows
  • The products we use are colour-safe, and no bleaching agents will be used in your treatment
  • Neutralizes odour, including bacteria, to fully refresh your mattress
  • When we use the steam cleaning method we’re using a technique which effectively kills bacteria, dust mites, bugs and removes dirt from deep inside your mattress
  • The high-tech machinery we use has a powerful suction which will leave your mattress incredibly fresh and clean
  • Your mattress and other soft furnishings are fully protected from all parasites and germs for up to six months.
  • The leading solutions we use are environmentally friendly and are harmless to both humans and pets
  • The dry mattress cleaning method is all-natural, dry and chemical-free treatment for your protection
  • The procedure effectively removes and destroys dust mites, fungal spores, bacteria and other harmful debris found in all mattresses
  • The specialists use techniques with amazingly quick drying times
  • No moisture penetrates mattress leaving your mattress dry and refreshed
Steam Mattress Cleaning£18
Dry Mattress Cleaning£48

*T&C and Minimum Charges apply. When we calculate the price, we take into consideration the area dimensions and the time of the appointment. All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25.

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