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Get Professional Hard Floor Cleaning In London

The London hard floor cleaning team possess the knowledge and expertise to deliver high quality cleaning to your floors. The specialists are highly trained in order to deal with a wide range of hard flooring surfaces, including wood, vinyl, marble, terracotta, linoleum, ceramic and thermoplastic tiles, terrazzo, marble, granite, slate floors, natural stone, and wood floors. Get your hard floor’s shine back – book your professional hard floor cleaning services today.

How The Hard Floor Cleaners Do It

  • Step 1: We’ll assess the type of flooring you have before deciding on the appropriate cleaning procedure
  • Step 2: We prefer it if all your furniture has been moved for our arrival, but we’ll help move furniture if it’s required
  • Step 3: In order to remove all dirt and dust, we’ll vacuum the floor first
  • Step 4: We’ll test a small area with the cleaning solution we’ve decided upon
  • Step 5: Next, we’ll spray your hard flooring with the cleaning solution
  • Step 6: We’ll scrub the cleaning solution into the floor
  • Step 7: To remove all evidence of dirt, we’ll rinse your floor thoroughly
  • Step 8: If needed, we’ll apply a choice of protection layer: seal, polish, wax

* You may need to wait for the protection layer to dry for 3 to 12 hours.


Specialist Hard Floor Cleaners For All Types Of Surfaces

  • The hard floor cleaners are trained to use top of the range Wet Vacuum Cleaners and Scrubbing Machines, which use different pads depending on the type of flooring
  • In addition, we use mops and cloths to ensure the area is completely dry
  • Brushes are sometimes used to give your flooring a total clean
  • We use non-toxic cleaning detergents and agents in spray bottle containers which are harmless to children and pets

The various methods we use to revitalise hard wood floors are dependent on the condition and material of your floor:

  • Surface cleaning will be ideal if your floor is just showing some signs of dirt
  • Full sanding and re-sealing will be best if your floor’s surface seal has worn away – dirt will now be ingrained into the wood and require a deeper clean
  • If your wood floor is in a commercial property, we’ll probably suggest stripping, deep cleaning and polishing for full restoration

Slate and stone floors require special attention. Bacteria and other deposits will usually have penetrated deeply into the material by the time surface soiling is visible to the naked eye. The hard floor cleaning specialists:

  • Use modern cleaning technology
  • Treat your floor with an impregnation protector after cleaning to replace the worn out original protection
  • Seal the surface to prevent contaminants penetrating the surface of your floor whenever possible
  • Let you clean and maintain your floor more easily in future!

With vinyl flooring being so often found in commercial buildings, vinyl floor cleaning needs to be both safe and efficient. Whether your vinyl floors are in your home or in the workplace, the experts will:

  • Remove soiling and bacteria using advanced cleaning techniques
  • Completely extract all dirt and grime in one visit
  • Apply treatments successfully to both sealed and un-sealed vinyl floors

Stripping floor polish is the first step to take when your floor is no longer being protected by its current sealant. You’ll be able to sit back and watch while the specialists:

  • Tell you all about the costs involved – we’ll be able to let you know after an on-site viewing of the amount of old sealant already in place
  • Remove the old polish to present a clean and clear surface for re-application of the finish
  • Apply your floor’s new surface protection, safeguarding it for years to come!

Floor polishing is what you need after proper scrubbing of the floor. The technicians will:

  • Evenly lay your floor’s new polish, making sure the entire surface is completely level
  • Methodically polish the resultant surface to give your floor a proper shine
  • Use high speed rotary equipment that gives you the best possible results!

We also provide protection and sealing for natural stone and tiled floors to replace the worn out original ones. Your floor will:

  • Be treated with a water-based sealant that is both silicone and toxin-free, and which possesses very little odour
  • Benefit from a seal that is both bio-degradable and environmentally sustainable
  • Enjoy long-lasting protection against wear and tear!
  • Full insurance protection
  • The use of eco-friendly, natural ingredients like citrus and pine oils
  • Odour-free methods
  • Swift and efficient work – your floors are ready to walk on as soon as cleaning is finished
  • Child and pet-friendly cleaning products and solutions
TypePrice per m2Minimum charge
Cleaning / Scrubbing Only£2.5£48
Cleaning / Scrubbing and Polishing£4£60
Cleaning / Scrubbing and Sealing£4£60

*T&C and Minimum Charges apply. When we calculate the price, we take into consideration the area dimensions and the time of the appointment. All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25.

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