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Banish The Dust And Debris With Our After Builders Cleaning In London

Put the finishing touch on your building or renovation project with our London after builders cleaning service. The cleaners will banish the debris, suck up the dust, and scrub away excess paint, varnish and other stains. Just give us a call, tell us when you want us and how long for.

What’s Included In Our Builders Cleaning Services In London

The exact details of what’s included in your London builders cleaning services will vary according to the work you’ve had done and the current condition of your property. This is an hourly based service and really very flexible so you can set things up to suit your needs. When you contact us the customer support team will ask a few question and make a recommendation on how long you should book the team to complete your work. The list below highlights some of the jobs that might be included:

  • Removal of rubbish and debris left over from the building work
  • Professional cleaning of widows, sills and frames to remove any dust, dirt, or plaster and paint splashes
  • Deep-cleaning of skirting boards, doors, door frames, fixtures, switches and sockets
  • Cleaning of carpets and floors to remove all dust, paint splashes, varnish or plaster
  • Deep cleaning of bathroom fixtures and fittings, lime scale removal, and tile polishing
  • Kitchen cleaning, dust and grime removal, tile polishing, and cleaning of cupboards and work surfaces

More Information About Our Builders Cleaning

Our builders cleaning services work like this:

  • Make your booking for the time and day you need the service – we don’t even charge extra for weekend or Bank Holidays
  • You’ll have backup from our 24/7 customer care staff, available to you by phone or online
  • You’ll get the dedicated attention of an expert team of experienced, professional cleaners
  • You’ll be given a free, fixed quote before you commit to the work, so you’ll know exactly what your service will cost you
  • Your home will be restored to a clean, dust and debris-free condition, and you’ll be left free to enjoy the result of your renovation or rebuilding
  • Our services are also available to commercial customers and construction companies who wish to impress their clients with a beautifully finished piece of work

All of the construction cleaning teams are comprised of experienced professionals who take pride in giving you the results you’re looking for:

    • Your services are provided under full insurance, and staff who we send to your door are reference checked and receive extensive training before starting work
    • As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction we also have quality control supervisors who monitor the work that’s delivered by the teams on a regular basis

Excellent workmanship requires the right tools and equipment – we ensure that your post construction cleaning team have everything they need. That means:

  • We bring all the equipment and cleaning agents required to complete the work – their supply is included in the price you’ll be quoted
  • We’ve invested in industrial grade vacuum cleaners, tough enough to deal with debris and with built-in filtration systems to ensure that the finest dust is removed
  • We use professional detergents for general cleaning – you can’t buy these in the shops. They’re eco-friendly, non-toxic and formulated to give great results in a short time
  • We also provide specialist solvents and cleansers for construction cleaning needs, so we’ll tackle things like paint, plaster or varnish splashes too

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