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How it works

Reduce the microbial load in your home

Hot water extraction cleaning destroys bacteria, viruses and fungal spores, improving the air quality in the whole room.

Customised cleaning

The expert carpet cleaner we send to you in Artane will select the most suitable cleaning products and technique for your fabric.

Quality-assured, fully insured services

Your service is completed by a reference vetted expert. It's also delivered under comprehensive insurance cover.

A tried and proven formula for quality carpet cleaning in Artane

The first thing your carpet cleaner will do is assess your rugs and floor coverings to determine if they're suitable for hot water extraction. Or whether they need a more delicate dry cleaning method. Whichever is selected, the first step is always vacuuming. This is followed by pre-treatment of stained or worn areas.

Hot water extraction

Water and non-toxic detergents are applied to the carpet. This is done under pressure to maximise penetration of the cleaning products into the fibres. Water, dirt, and detergent are removed via a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner. Using superior equipment for this stage maximises water removal, resulting in a brighter final result and faster drying times too.

Dry cleaning

Non-colourfast or shrinkable rugs are treated with a dry cleaning powder. The product is worked into the fibres of the carpet where it acts something like a magnet to dirt particles. Once the dirt has had time to adhere to the powder, both are vacuumed out of the piece. This gentle method lifts fibres, refreshes and brightens colours and improves the texture of the rug.

Why professional cleaning gets better results than doing it yourself

  • Fantastic Services uses top-of-the-range equipment which removes more dirt than carpet cleaning tools you can rent or buy;
  • Your carpet cleaner utilises Prochem detergents. These specialist formulas give superior results compared to those available in stores;
  • Improved water extraction at the end of the clean means more dirt is removed and your floor covering will dry faster;
  • Scotchgard treatment, which prevents future spills from staining, is a standard part of your package;
  • In the unlikely event of any damage occurring as a result of cleaning, you have the backup of full insurance.

dry treatments


carpets cleaned

1.5 hrs

average duration


square metres cleaned

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Check out some of the quotes we've given for carpet cleaning in Artane


First floor and stairs

Artane Dec 15, 2020
I'd like a quote to clean the first floor's carpet and stair of my house. There are: two rooms 4.5m x 2.8m, one room 2.5m x 2.5m, hall 4m x 0.9m, 13-step stair. Let me know pl
ease your availability and price
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Service: Carpet cleaning


Two bedroom carpets

Artane Jan 10, 2021
I'm looking for a quote to deep clean my 2-bed house carpet. ( 1x living room, 2x bedrooms, 1x landing, 1x stairs). Thanks

Service: Carpet cleaning


Three bedroom carpets

Artane Dec 28, 2020
Hi there, We are moving to a new house and would like to book your services to steam clean the carpets. Would you be able to provide a quote? It would be 3 bedrooms and a hall
way. Thanks!
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Service: Carpet cleaning

Facts and figures about carpet cleaning in Artane

£121 £156 £233

The average cost of hot water extraction carpet cleaning is £156

Rates for dry cleaning for that special rug start as low as £132

It generally takes around 2 hours to steam clean a carpet

You could save 15% by combining carpet cleaning with one-off cleaning

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Areas we cover within the city: All of the Artane area

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